Our Company

MY Group is a combination of businesses focused towards catalyzing the modernization of Bangladesh by providing technology driven solutions to their clients in various market segments.

MY Group recognizes the up-to-date idea that Bangladeshi business companies need to apply in effective systems integration. Our corporate functions strive to provide all our customers with customized and integrated technology-based solutions that enable them to maximize their business potentials. Hence MY Group holds the patents, distribution and marketing rights of a number of world renowned high technology driven products. We at MY Group are continuously striving to satisfy our clients and target groups and also to serve them with the best by providing them authorized and complete service and maintenance for the same.

We make it our job to understand your business and link it up with today's technology to maximize product satisfaction. Through our cost-effective rates and locally unmatched knowledge and expertise, we can provide your business with the proper technology infrastructure to it grow and succeeded. MY Group customers can feel secure, knowing that we are constantly and consistently at work to maximize their satisfaction and to protect their investment thorough quality ensured products and services we render.

Our Commitment

MY Group has always functioned with a keen interest and dedication to preserve the welfare of the communities they serve.

Our executives have the experience and knowledge to get your company the most qualified & professional services. The commitment they bring to their task is channeled through the organizations established by individual MY Group that are involved in further community development.

We are also committed to provide customized Business Technology Solution that meets the current IT and E-Commerce needs corresponding to the demand of present business world. This program allows other companies to gain highly qualified IT and E-Commerce professionals without using their own resources and time.

We highlight the key mottos on which our organizations operate


We do the necessary research to ensure that requirements of each client are thoroughly screened and afterwards outputs are properly checked.


MY Group strives to establish a relationship of trust and loyalty with the clients and incorporates efficient process with the product that the clients are ultimately served with. Trust and honesty throughout the process is imperative to this group.

Service Excellence:

Our companies are dedicated to the highest quality service on behalf of each of our clients. Our firm's values reflect a passion for excellence, personalized service and integrity. We measure our success based on each client's satisfaction with the service quality, timeliness and overall value of our work.

Why MY Company?

A strong reputation:

MY Company Ltd. is well reputed for the Security solution; it provides and has a proven track record in their IT solutions to businesses.

Advanced solutions:

Our industry-leading IT solutions are delivered to customers all over the country.

Top-class performance:

Our Alliance provide us world class device which are reputed for their performance.

A service culture:

We never treat our customers as investors rather we treat them as our valuable assets. Customers, be corporate or be home user given the same priority in terms of providing services. We strive for excellence by listening to your needs.