Frequently Asked Question

I need a cctv surveillance system, but have no idea what parts to buy, how to choose cameras, lenses, or anything. Can you help me put this together?

YES! Hello @ +880 1677 3333 22 and tell us what you want to accomplish. We will probably have a few questions, when we write back. Once you answer those questions, we'll put all of the pieces together and help you build a system that meets your exact needs!

I keep hearing that G-Max is a SYSTEM not just a DVR. What does that mean to me?

G-Max System is a complete video security management tools. You can add Alarm inputs, relay outputs, control pan tilt zoom equipped security cameras (like our dome security cameras), and manage and monitor multiple facilities. You even get video outputs that security guards can use for monitoring. G-Max is SO MUCH MORE than a simple DVR. G-Max does it ALL!

What kind of warranty will I receive?

We offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry! We ONLY sell high-quality, name-brand components at the lowest prices possible! We stand behind the products we sell so we are able to offer a comprehensive, 1-YEAR warranty that covers parts and labor!

What's an Outdoor Security Camera?

Outdoor Security Cameras the capabilities of the security camera and lenses must be configured to perform according to the variations in illumination and temperature. Due to exposure to humidity and freezing, most of the high performance security cameras are not appropriate for as is outdoor exposure; instead, either use an indoor -outdoor bullet security camera or an enclosure is required to maintain steady temperature and humidity.

What's an Indoor Security Camera?

Indoor only security cameras limited to operate within fixed temperature ranges, these security cameras are available pre- equipped with lenses, or mostly the lenses are purchased separately, depending on the application.

What's an Indoor-Outdoor Security Camera?

Indoor-Outdoor security cameras for medium to high image quality and flexibility, the bullet security cameras are both cost effective and versatile. They can be installed either indoors of outdoors without any need for a heater and blower enclosure. Pre-equipped with various kinds of lenses, the bullet security cameras maintain a steady (high) temperature within the tiny enclosure.

What's a Dome Security Camera?

Dome Security Cameras Among the most versatile types of enclosures. Can be used for both indoors or outdoors applications. Easily accessorized with Pan/Tilt/Zoom capabilities, they offer an aesthetic appearance. Lens are usually interchangeable.

What does Manual Iris Lens mean?

Manual iris lenses provide an effective solution for applications where the scene and lighting requirements are relatively stable, especially when used with security cameras that are equipped with electronic shutters.

What does Auto-Iris Lens mean?

Auto iris lenses produce consistent video signals in scenes with varying light levels, thus enabling reliable surveillance in areas that would otherwise be compromised.

Should I use Manual or Auto Iris Lenses?

You can save money and use Manual Iris Lens only when scene illumination never changes. Example: illuminated store or office. If the light changes a lot it is recommended using Auto-Iris.

What's Varifocal Lens?

The varifocal lenses are ideal in situations where the security camera surveys a distant point. One can adjust the zoom and focus of these lenses either manually or automatic

What Focal Length will I need?

•Guide: smaller the focal length number => wider is field of view. •If you have securit camera in the office or warehouse and you want to see as much as you can, you should go for 2.8 or 4 mm lens (makes wide, somewhat distant view) •If you want to observe limited area, like entrance you should go for 8mm or (makes narrow view and objects are closer). •Give us a call and we can help you determine what security camera lens will best suit your location. •Use varifocal lenses to get flexibility for choosing best field of view.

What's proper lighting?

Proper lighting or illumination is very important in the world of CCTV. If an object is not illuminated it is very difficult to produce a viewable picture. Fortunately there are security cameras that can work in very little visible light. We now have security cameras that can "see" with infrared light. This can be quite useful if your CCTV application requires your security camera to work in the dark. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, but to a security camera that is sensitive to this type of light it may appear to be daylight while remaining dark to the observer.

What is Camera Resolution?

Security camera resolution is a measurement of the security cameras clarity. A security cameras resolution is determined by the number of horizontal video lines (like 400 or 430 lines) that the security camera needs in order to reproduce the desired image. The higher the resolution number, the sharper the image will be. Although resolution is important when considering which security camera to purchase, the quality of the security cameras components is much MORE important. We only sell high resolution, name brand, quality security cameras.

What type of video connector do security cameras use?

Our security cameras have a female BNC connection. All of our Video & Power cables have two male BNC ends which connect a camera to a DVR.

Will bright daylight damage an infrared camera's LEDs?

No. Our infrared security cameras (which use LEDs) are designed for both low light and lighted use, so daylight will not damage them. The infrared LEDs stay off during the day while it is light out and then turn on at night in the dark when they sense that the light is low enough. Outdoor bright light use in the day will not damage them in any way.

What type of connectors are used to connect DVRs to security cameras?

All of our surveillance DVRs have female BNC connectors for camera inputs. Our security cameras have a female BNC connection. Our Video & Power cables have two male BNC ends which connect cameras to a DVR.

What type of monitor can be connected to a DVR?

This depends on which DVR. There are three types of video outputs that vary by DVR model. The three types of video output connections are: BNC, S-Video, and VGA.